Saturday, December 20, 2014

Clymer Family News 2014

A dance between the alps and the clouds.
This year held several interesting events for Esther and me. We are grateful that we are both gainfully employed and enjoy relatively good health. I say relatively, because on May 5, I had both of my knees replaced. After trying every alternative, I decided to do the surgery (see picture below). I am nearly back to normal with very little pain.

Esther on the other hand, fell and cracked her wrist and has been wearing a brace for nearly a month. Not as major as the knee surgery, but with its own level of pain and disruption of normal routine. She didn’t have to take off work, but it did present her with a few extra challenges. She generally loves her work, but has been working nearly 60 hours a week these past number of months.

Esther also had a monumental birthday in July. She was determined to celebrate it with her family in Switzerland, so in spite of uncertainty of how I would travel so soon after surgery, we went. We are glad we did. We were regaled by gifts of travel into the Alps and invitations by many family and friends for meals. We were also delighted to make a number of new friends. 

New friends Anne-Marie Senn
 and the Martinez family

On the children front, Marisa and Adam bought a house very close to us in Harrisonburg and moved into it a few weeks after my surgery. Marisa continues to work on her Masters of Library Science while working part time at an elementary school being a tutor for English language learners. Adam works as a liaison between Latino families and the public school system. The job has expanded to the point that instead of working at two schools, he now is located at a single school.

Esther surprised by her siblings 
with a party and many unexpected gifts.
Mattias and Erica continue to work for a social service agency. Mattias works as a “qualified mental health provider” at Harrisonburg High School. You’ll have to ask him what that means. Erica works for the same agency as the “Program coordinator/clinical supervisor.” She is sorta Mattias’ boss. They both are in the midst of bigger plans. Mattias earned his real estate license and is building up clientele to do this full time. Erica became a licensed professional counselor and is building up her clientele as well.

Don and Esther on an alpine hike.
September saw the release of a new book that I co-authored with my sister Sharon Clymer Landis. That has caused a spate of activities including book signings, sermons, Sunday school and Bible study appearances.  
My sister Sharon and I at a book signing for
our new book The Spacious Heart.
We wish for all of you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Don for the rest

Don out of bed the day after surgery
with his new bionic knees.

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